i might sleep over Jaime's.
we went to her old neighboorhood awhile ago.
there was a pink bunny.
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-alone with you, alone with me-

i have been in a horible mood this week.
mainly because this is the worst week ever.

MONDAY: of course i had to work. that was bad because my cousin Frank was at my grandparents. this day being one of the last times i would get to see him before he left for marines/Iraq. AND AND, i got hit on by some 26 year old. which made me feel very awkward and scared and apparently this sitation caused a commotion with management- i later foudn out. after work, i was driving to my grandparents and i got lost in lindenwald. but i ended up on the right track. so, before i got in i txted Joey to call me later, because i needed to talk to him about what happened. the family thing was good. i realized how close me and Frank are and i will miss him a lot. so, later that night we caught a few fireworks. nothing great. Joey didn't call until 1, and i was asleep. totally defeated the purpose.

TUESDAY: no word from Joey, feel gross because of monday's work situation.

WEDNESDAY: talked to Mike about somehting completely random. something about a show on friday and clarissa going. didn't think about it too much. still ew, and haven't talked to Joey.

THURSDAY: Mike tells me that he and CLarissa are going out. i was shocked to hear that- and upset. i mean, me and Mike aren't togeter now or anything. but when he was with that Erinne girl, he talked about missing me, and still loving me, etc, etc. and i thought he was actually telling the honest truth. until i hear this. obviously he and Erinne broke up, and now he goes out with CLARISSA?! i don't get it at all. i mean, its not like they live near each other or know each other at all. but whatever, i mean this has been the cherry on a great week. its not that i am in love with Mike again, its just we have been through a lot, and i thought he understood that. and i thought i mentioned him to Clarissa numerous times, so i didn't think she'd do something like that. i guess i was wrong. its not like i am bent on breaking them up, its just i think of things that could go down. i am not going to be shy about it, mike was my first real boyfriend, my first kiss. so he is the guy that i hold close to me and will always love in some way, no matter who i talk to or what. so, Mike, if you read this i am not going to expect you know what i mean, because i am a fickle girl, this is not some plea to get you to break up with her. this is me and my thoughts and feelings. nothing more, nothing less.

i haven't hear from Joey at all, except for that one time.
i really did want to talk to him about what happened to me.
i mean, i HAVE to talk to someone...

ps. i have lots of pictures to upload.
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-wheres all you're passion gone?-


i think that is a really sweet picture. i took it when Jaime and i went down the shore and whatnot. anway, yesterday i bought a pair of jeans, which were desperatly needed. i was supposed to go see Joey last night. my dad decided to kill my pans. instead, i went for a long walk, took a cold shower and watched Ever After. i thought that movie had vanished for life, but Giuliana found in. so, exciting. later on i found out that i now do have a car, but insurance is really high and my parents were thinking about what to do, either keep the car(with the $$$insurance) or just sell the car. it was an excellent morning, i slept until 11:03. after i got downstairs, my mom showed me my new plates and told me we were keeping the car, under my dad's name. relief and no excitment. he is going to take the car to my uncle's in PA and he's going to buff it up and then my padre is going to check it out and providing all is ok, its mine. i drove Giuliana and Francesca to the park, and i felt like a good older sister. now i am home, listening to music and thinking about this one kid who continually says all this stuff to me and then i see things and it is all so contradictory. whatever. i want to go somewhere.LOVELOVELOVE.

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-this storys old but it goes on an on until we disappear-

school is DONE.
finally. gosh, this year went by so fast.

i need time away from my class.
everyone was getting pissed at each other.

finals weren't that bad.
hopefully i'll get second honors.

i got a new job at a club house with a pool.
gate check, holla.
i went in today, its deffinatly not that bad.
so i will have full time there, not sure what days yet.
this is good because now i have a sweet excuse to
not work as much at the restraunt.

besides that, i missed going to the beach friday.
and i was supposed to see Joey tonight, but he is going surfing.

so i get another night alone, home with my family.
i might try to go to a park and hit up the swings.
thats always fun.

i have just decided i like Jack Johnson.
he is super good, and i guess i was stupid to not like him
because he reminded me of someone...

anyway, lovelovelove

how are you all doing?
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